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Communication Tips for Dementia Caregivers

A senior man sitting on the couch, smiling and looking directly at the camera

Dementia is term used to describe a person’s symptoms when their ability to remember,  communicate effectively, and perform daily tasks becomes impaired. For a caregiver, communication can be one of the most difficult aspects of dementia care. Communicating with a loved one with dementia requires patience, understanding, and kindness.  Some tips that can help dementia […]

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Ways to Boost Mental Health While Aging

A senior woman with long gray hair looking directly smiling and holding a cup of tea.

Mental health plays an extremely important part in our overall well-being, and this becomes even more true as we age. With many seniors reporting feelings of loneliness or isolation, it’s becoming more important than ever to ensure everybody has access to ways to boost their mental health. Whether through therapy, physical fitness, medication, or socializing, […]

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